Live work units, live work spaces, artist studios and other live work accommodation to rent is what we specialise in.

London Live Work Ltd are an East London based company with many live work units and art studios to rent, mainly in warehouses in east and north london.

Live work units are ideal for artists, painters, video artists, photographers, film-makers, sculptors, designers and creative types etc, people who want to work from home but can’t work in a normal house or flat.

We specialise in mixed-use development, i.e. the practice of allowing more than one type of use in a building or set of buildings
In planning terms, this can mean some combination of residential, live work, workspace, commercial, industrial, office, institutional, or other land uses.

Our office is in the Peanut Factory, Dace Road, (Fish Island / Hackney Wick), E3, an area with many Art studios and Galleries (next to space studios and opposite bridget riley studios).

So if you’re looking for a Live Work unit, Warehouse conversion, and or Artist studio to rent.

You’ve come to the right place!